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Curious about what your children do all day at Escuela? Come visit our classroom! Once the students are settled into the school year, we encourage parents (and grandparents!) to pay a visit--especially on the day your child is the Snackee. We will keep you busy and you'll enjoy getting a peek at your child in the classroom.

Snacktime is a fun part of our daily routine, and the students take turns being the special "Snackee" for the day. Your child will be asked to provide a snack, 25 napkins, 25 five-ounce paper cups, and a gallon of spring water. 


So what should you bring? Snacks that are quickly served and not very messy are our favorites! Pre-packaged snacks like Goldfish, cheese crackers and little cookies are great; if your snack is not pre-packaged, placing it in bags or paper cups helps us get the snacks out quickly to our hungry students. 


Since peanut allergies are common, we ask that you not bring a snack containing peanuts. Please avoid cake or cupcakes...even on birthdays! We will celebrate your child's birthday in our own fun way, no frosting necessary!


If you forget to provide the snack on your child's designated day, we will use our emergency supply which we ask that you then replace. If you need to change snack days with another child, please feel free to make those arrangements. 


Feel free to join us on your child's Snackee day--we always love an extra set of hands! 

We love our Escuela kids...and parents too! 

Keep up-to-date with our latest news and events

Parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year, and we encourage you to attend. It's a great way to see what your child has been up to and to discuss his or her development. Of course, anytime you have concerns or questions, we welcome a phone call or visit. The Escuela experience works best when we all work as a team. 

Each month, our current newsletter will be posted under the "resources" tab at the top of the page. There you'll find all the important dates and events to remember and the snackee list for the month. The newsletter also clues you in to the key learning concepts we'll be focusing on each week. We love when our parents reinforce these lessons at home!

Let's chat!

My child is the Snackee...what should I send?



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